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How the 2021 Draft Class might make Teams Tank

You may be looking at this title and saying, "Ok, he's definitely over exaggerating". I wish I was, but I am not. The 2021 NBA Draft Class is looking to be like one of the best of our generation and potentially all time. Maybe I am saying this because this is the first class I personally spent a lot of time watching these guys play high school basketball. However their are prospects here that have talent to push teams to that next level already. Not to discredit the 2020 draft and the amazing talent that is coming this year, but next years draft is way more star heavy. Today I will be discussing some of the top prospects and what they can bring to a lottery team.

1.Cade Cunningham

Cade Cunningham is going to follow the line of Montverde Top 3 Picks like RJ Barrett, D'angelo Russell and Ben Simmons. He shares the playmaking of D'angelo Russell and near the size of Ben Simmons. At 6'7 Cunningham is an elite, playmaker, scorer, and is a good defender. We see how the league has had more tall guards like Luka Doncic and Simmons and Cunningham could fit that role perfectly. An improved jump shot and 3-ball would push his game to the next level and he could early success. A team like the Knicks would be stupid not to tank this year with their lack of talent and them only having the 8th pick this year.

2.Jalen Green

Jalen Green would be the number 1 pick in this year's draft(The Timberwolves are mad about that one) and he still has the potential to be the number 1 pick next year. Jalen Green took the modern route and is skipping college and going straight into the G-league for the year. It may be harder to evaluate his talent, but he will stack up and is the biggest player to go from high school to the G-league. Green has amazing up side and at 6-5 he can be a combo-wing/guard . He is very athletic and is very versatile on the defensive end. If he works more on his shot creating and playmaking he will fit in with a modern team and if a team like the Sacramento King decide to trade Buddy Hield, Green would be a potential better fit with Fox.

3.Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga also took the non traditional route of going to the G-League instead of college. Kuminga is another example of a player who would be a clear cut number 1 pick in this years draft and I know the Timberwolves would love to have a player like him. A 6'8 wing/forward is amazing in this days age. A versatile defender who with time I believe can be able to guard 1-5. The strength to dominate the painted area and pull back for mid range jumpers. Kuminga is NBA ready and with him additionally just turning 18 years old he is on the path to have a hopefully long career.

4. Evan Mobley

USC is looking to have their Onyeka Okongwu replacement next year. Evan Mobley is a skilled 6'11 big man and has Bam Adebayo potential. If he bulks he can hang with the centers, but he is versatile so he can play the 4. He has guard like tendencies and has the length and size to dominate both sides of the ball. If OKC tries to tank this year(letting Gallinari go, trading Paul and Adams) a big like Mobley can be very nice to pair a long side Shai and their other young talent.

5. Brandon "BJ" Boston

Brandon Boston finished his high school career with a lot of attention at Sierra Canyon with Zaire Wade and Bronny James. He came out as their leading scorer and best player. Boston declared to Kentucky and looks to be it's next scoring guard to have success in the NBA. Boston is an elite ball handler and at 6'7 he is very versatile. Given the fact that he gives Brandon Ingram, he is also an elite scorer and can score from deep, mid range and get to the paint. A team like the Pistons would love to have him as a franchise player.

Honorable Mentions: Jalen Johnson, Ziare Williams, Usman Garuba, Terrence Clarke

I am very excited to see how this 2020 draft goes and how it might affect next years. Let me know your favorite player because I already have my favorites. Leave a like, share and tell you friends about the blog!!



---Matthew Theodros

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