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Is Luka Doncic Overrated?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

It cannot be denied that Luka Doncic is having a fantastic, all star level, maybe MVP level season. That being said, he is only a 20 year old, sophomore NBA player and while you cannot take what he has accomplished the question has to be asked "is he really that good?" Luka Doncic is currently second on the MVP ladder, he has been argued to be the best player in the NBA right now and has been upgraded to a 96 overall in NBA 2k, which means he is a higher overall then NBA superstars Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Paul George and Damian Lillard. Although it's difficult to prove that Luka Doncic is the best player in the world and he does not deserve to be rated over Stephen Curry and Paul George in 2k, Doncic is having a sophomore season that we've never seen in the NBA.

In NBA history, there have only been three players who have averaged 25 or more points at only 20 years old; Kevin Durant who averaged 25.3 ppg, LeBron James at 27.2 ppg, and now Luka Doncic at 30.0 ppg. Doncic is currently one rebound and one assist away from averaging a triple double on the season, and is the only player in the league who is top 15 in the three main categories; assists (2nd), rebounds (15th) and points (3rd). He's broken Michael Jordan's record for consecutive games of 20 plus points and he's beaten Magic Johnson's record of most triple doubles before turning 21.

Doncic leads the league in overall box plus/minus (13.2), offensive box plus/minus (10.7) and Value over Replacement Player with 2.9. To simplify these stats; it means there is not a more efficient player on offense in the league right now.

Even if your not a stats person and you want game evidence, Doncic provides it. In a single week in November, Doncic posted a 42-point triple-double against the Spurs, then a 35-point short night against the Warriors in a blowout in which he scored 22 points in the first quarter, then casually finished the week off with another 40-point victory over the Rockets and MVP candidate James Harden. So we got back to our main question: Is Luka Doncic overrated? No he's not the best player in the NBA, no he shouldn't be the same 2k overall as Kawhi Leonard. However he is having a historically good NBA season for someone of his age. So Luka Doncic is not overrated, because he's a top 10 player in the league at 20 years old, well on his way to leading, alongside Giannis, the next generation of NBA stars, when our current stars like LeBron, Curry and Harden are gone.

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