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Offseason Trades to put Playoff Teams in Title Contention

As the 2020 NBA season is coming to the end, teams are looking towards the future and hopefully a championship. The problem with that is the league is stacked. With the return of the healthy Warriors, a Clippers team that is looking to make up for that horrible playoff ending and a Lakers team that looks invincible. And on the east you have the return of a healthy Kd/Kyrie Nets, a pissed off Bucks team which is looking to finally make it out the East and a good amount of teams(Celtics, Heat, Raptors) that are looking to make that push that they were so close to making. The league next year is looking as strong as ever and with the looming threat of Giannis potentially making a superteam, the time is now. Today I will be writing about trades that can push teams to that championship level. As of writing this Game 5 of the NBA Finals are tonight, so the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers will not be featured in this article.

1.Jrue Holiday to the Nets

New Orleans Pelicans Receive: Caris LeVert, Garrett Temple, 2020 Pick #19

Brooklyn Nets Receive: Jrue Holiday

Starting off with a trade that's been rumored for the last couple of months, but I believe this is a trade that benefits both parties. Brooklyn gets their third star and someone who could compliment Kyrie beautifully with his skill of being able to play off ball and still be affective. Kevin Durant has been quoted saying that Jrue Holiday is one of the best defenders in the league and to add another defender to this team can really amplify them to the highest extent.

On the other hand, New Orleans also gains from this trade as well. They get a young star in Caris LeVert who was proven this season that he can be a big time shot maker and he fits the timeline with Zion, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo. They additionally get that #19 pick which can be valuable to them as they could draft a young prospect like a Sadiq Bey or Tyrese Maxey.

2. Victor Oladipo to the Nuggets

Indiana Pacers Receive: Gary Harris, Will Barton, 2020 Pick #21

Denver Nuggets Receive: Victor Oladipo

The Nuggets came off a sensational playoff run and they are looking to continue that. With the growth of their young core adding Oladipo would fit their timeline. Oladipo brings what Harris does, but better. They made it to the conference finals without Will Barton playing a single second, so it seems to be that he can be put on the market. The problem with this trade is that it is reliant on Jerami Grant signing back to Denver. He is by far their best defender and has All-Defensive Team potential. If I am Denver I pull this Oladipo trade only if Jerami Grant resigns.

Listen Indiana fans. I know it's hard hearing about your franchise player being traded, but it has to be done. Victor Oladipo just came off a horrible injury and during the playoffs he looked a bit sloppy and his efficiency and his shot selection was suspect. There have been rumors that Oladipo has been looking to be traded and Denver is the place to be. Harris can have a career resurgence in Indiana and he could work in that system with their wing shooters. Will Barton is an amazing role player and he will compliment that team perfectly. And always with a first round pick they could strike gold and find their next star wing like they did with Danny Granger and Pg13.

3. Buddy Hield to the 76ers

Sacramento Kings Receive: Al Horford, Matisse Thybulle, 2020 Pick #34 and 36

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Buddy Hield, Kent Bazemore

As a 76ers fan, we need this trade to happen. I am a believer that Al Horford is not washed, but this Philadelphia system was not for him. It's common knowledge that Philadelphia needs more shooting. Buddy Hield brings that shooting. Buddy Hield seems very disgruntled in Sacramento and their has been buzz that he wants to go to Philly. For this trade to happen sadly the Sixers would have to give up young star defender Mattise Thybulle, but for the return it's worth it. Philly has always been in the mix for playoff contenders in the Ben Simmons/Joel Embiid era, but now as Doc Rivers as the coach and the potential for this trade the future will be bright.

With Buddy Hield wanting out, why not try this. During last years free agency the Kings offered Al Horford a max contract so why not do this trade. They get a good defending big man who can mentor Marvin Bagley and get bring some grit to the team. Additionally you get a young player who has best perimeter defender in the league potential and get replace Buddy Hield's void on the team. You get rid of Kent Bazemore's huge contract and you get two early 2nd round picks that can pan out to be solid players.

4.Jonas Valanciunas to the Celtics

Boston Celtics Receive: Jonas Valanciunas

Memphis Grizzlies Receive: Robert Williams, Romeo Langford, 2020 Pick #30

As the weeks have gone on and the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers have both been eliminated, people have been speculating that the Celtics would trade for Myles Turner, but I have him in another trade. Boston's problem towards the end of their playoff run was the lack of size and Daniel Theis's inconsistencies on the defensive/rebounding side. Valanciunas was 5th in rebounding this year and had the highest rebounding game this year with 25. He brings great rebounding and size to the team and brings better floor spacing than any of their current centers.

On the Grizzlies point of view they get Robert WIlliams who we have seen give valuable playoff minutes and fits the Grizzlies young timeline. Additionally they get a young talent like Romeo Langford who was a lottery pick, but couldn't remain healthy or consistent on offense his rookie year. In Memphis alongside Ja Morant he could blossom to the scorrer that he was in high school and college.

5.Chris Paul to the Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Receive: Chris Paul

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: Eric Bledsoe, Donte DiVincenzo, Ersan Ilyasova, 2020 Pick #24

Milwaukee is looking to compete and keep MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo happy so he doesn't leave in free agency or request a trade. Milwaukee has been so close in these last two years, but it feels like they are missing there third star to compliment Giannis and Middleton. Chris Paul would take some of the ball handling and creation away from Giannis and Middleton so that they can focus on their scoring. Especially in their last two playoff runs it became abundantly clear that Eric Bledsoe isn't a championship point guard and he doesn't show up in clutch situations.

Chris Paul just came off an MVP season and led that Oklahoma team to the 5th seed and almost defeated the Houston Rockets. It's obvious that the Thunder are looking to rebuild as they parted ways with Coach Billy Donovan. OKC knows that Chris Paul's value is high and it would be vile for them not to trade him to a team where he can't compete due to the fact that he mentored so many of their young stars. This trade gives OKC a young talented player in DiVincenzo and the #24 pick which in this draft could be a sleeper prospect.

6.Derrick Rose to the Clippers

Detroit Pistons Receive: Patrick Beverley, Landry Shamet, 2020 Pick # 57

Los Angeles Clippers Receive: Derrick Rose

This is the first time on this article where I am only going to break down one side. That's because the Pistons are a mess. They have no plan and their talent is very all over the place. They have some good players, but they aren't being used properly. One of them is Derrick Rose. Of course you aren't going to get MVP Rose, but all the Clippers need is a point guard who can get to their bucket and lead the team. Derrick Rose does both of that. The Clippers demise in 2020 was a mixture of many problems. But their many issue was the lack of a point guard who can score and playmake. Derrick Rose can do those things wonderfully and I can speak for all of the NBA fandom that we want to see Derrick Rose compete for a ring.

7. ? the Warriors

The Warriors are in a situation most teams don't usually face. They don't need the second pick. They could go the simple route and draft star big man, James Wiseman. But the Warriors don't need to develop a player. They want to win now. They still have the championship core of Steph, Klay and Draymond. They added polarizing wing Andrew Wiggins who can change his playstyle as the third option. Don't forget they had top 5 in rookie of the year with Eric Paschall. The Warriors could potentially strike gold this offseason and make a big time move and trade for a star/superstar. The obvious option is Giannis because of his relationship with Steph Curry and his Milwaukee team not making it to the finals yet. There are other choices like Bradley Beal who has been balling in Washington. I'm not sure what the Warriors will do this offseason, but whatever they do will shake up the league.

8. Demar DeRozan to the Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers Receive: Demar DeRozan

San Antonio Spurs Receive: Trevor Ariza, Rodney Hood, 2020 Pick #16

Portland is in need to make some moves in the Dame/Cj era. They are getting up in age and adding another older player like Demar who is looking to win seems like a match made in heaven. Dame and Demar are both California natives and have been friends for a good while. A team with Dame, Cj, Carmelo Anthony and Demar all have one thing in common. That elusive title that will put them in that next tier.

San Antonio is in a place where they are not bad, but not good. Taking on two expiring contracts like Ariza and Hood are good for them, so that they can have that money in the future. Knowing the Spurs with that #16 pick they could find a gem like they have in their franchise history.

9.Myles Turner to the Rockets

Houston Rockets Receive: Myles Turner

Indiana Pacers Receive: Eric Gordon, Bruno Caboclo, Chris Clemons

This was the hardest team to evaluate. The Houston Rockets are in a situation like no other team. They are by far the oldest team in the league and their lack of a young talent is a bit frightening. We all know how the small ball situation went and against the Lakers especially, their scheme folded. Myles Turner is a player who has been put in many trades to different teams. In the shooting threes era, Myles Turner fits the Rockets perfectly and gives them rebounding that the team desperately needs.

The Pacers need to make a choice between Turner and Sabonis and it Sabonis is the obvious choice as he is the all star. Another scorer with Gordon won't be bad for this team and with the looming threat of Oladipo leaving, a scoring guard wouldn't hurt. Bruno Caboclo by no means is a good NBA player, but he could still have that potential like he did back in Toronto. Chris Clemons can be their young star and develop and potentially grow into that Isiah Thomas comparison he has had since coming in the league.

Anything can happen these next couple of months and with the league currently in balance I have the tingling something is going to ruin that. Maybe tonight if the Lakers defeat the Heat, Miami can bring that star to compliment Jimmy and Bam. I am excited for this offseason and excited to keep writing more articles to keep you guys entertained. It would be amazing if you guys can share this and leave a comment with your own thoughts!

--Matthew Theodros

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