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Pelicans Hire Stan Van Gundy as Coach

Breaking News! As you guys most likely know by now, Stan Van Gundy has been hired for 4 years as the Head coach for the New Orleans Pelicans!

This is great for the franchise, as there were many questions about who was going to be their coach. Alvin Gentry did the best job he possibly could with the pieces he was given throughout his tenure with the team. However, the management of the franchise didn't feel that way and they decided to move on. Stan Van Gundy has had a credible career as head coach and especially with his time with the Orlando Magic. He has two coach of the year awards one with the Miami Heat and of course one with the Orlando Magic. As coach of the Orlando Magic he lead them to the playoffs every year, 2 conference finals appearances, and one Finals appearance where they would go on to lose to Kobe and the Lakers in 5. His most meaningful connection to a player would be with Dwight Howard. He was there since the beginning and watched him grow and coached him and in his MVP years. Their relationship may have had a rocky ending, but that is an anomaly as most players he has coached said that they loved him and he was a great mentor/coach.

Stan Van Gundy can bring a new energy to this locker room and especially with the young talent. As a coach he has always head a good big man, Shaq on the Heat, Dwight on the Magic, and Drummond on the Pistons(kind of). He can maximize Zion and get the most out of him.

Let me know what you guys think!! I really wanted D'antoni as the coach, but we will wait and see what happens with him. Thanks for reading. Share and comment and view our other content.



---Matthew Theodros

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