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Why I hate the Lakers

Listen, I'm a Warriors fan, from first round losses to the clippers, to championships, to blown leads, to more championships, to the worst record in the league. I stick with the Warriors, that's my team. So naturally, I'm not a Lebron fan, so I was never going to root for the Lakers. But I didn't plan on hating them, I've never hated the Lakers, I've always loved Shaq, and who doesn't love Kobe? But I cannot stand this 2020 Lakers team.

It starts with the role players; Alex Caruso, Danny Green, Markieff Morris, Kyle Kuzma. They're all overrated, don't ask me how Markieff Morris is rated at all, but somehow he is. Danny Green is a decent shooter and an above average defender at this point in his career. Alex Caruso is an average defender who for some reason people seem to think is elite... because he picks up full court. He can make the occasional highlight dunk and the even more common flop. Markieff Morris is just bad, and if he wasn't on the Lakers he probably wouldn't be in the NBA. Kyle Kuzma is the best out of the four, but he's still bad in my opinion. He looks like he doesn't have control of his body when he's on the court. But somehow, sometimes, he makes it work. But still if, Kyle Kuzma wasn't on the Lakers, if he was on the Hornets or the Pistons, I would guarantee we wouldn't hear about him.

The next reason is the antics, hearing JR Smith, Dwight Howard and Javale Mcgee yelling on the bench makes me want to punch a hole in my television. I can only imagine what the players on the other team want to do. Dwight Howard trying to "get in Jokic's head" was pathetic, but granted it's not as bad as the Clippers on the bench. They're constant complaints for fouls are terrible and the way they manipulate the refs (like holding the ball for two minutes so their coach can see four replays before challenging) is disgraceful.

The final reason is the players on the roster who are about to win a championship. Lebron James is deserving, Anthony Davis is deserving, Rajon Rondo is deserving, I'd even argue that people like Dwight Howard and KCP are deserving. But in no way shape or form, is Jared Dudley deserving of an NBA championship, he hasn't even played. Quinn Cook actually played when he won a championship with the Warriors, hasn't played and is most likely getting another championship. JR Smith isn't playing and he's getting another championship. Kyle Kuzma is getting a championship, Alex Caruso is getting a championship. Danny Green and Javale Mcgee are getting their THIRD championships. Think about that for a second. Dominique Wilkins, Chris Paul, James Harden, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Karl Malone, never won championships. But Danny Green and Javale Mcgee are about to get three. I know that this could be said for a lot of players, championship teams need role players I get it. But those role players have never been hyped up by the media the way these Lakers bench players are.

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